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  • Supports various family structures

  • Works for students, staff, and contractors

  • Multiple ways to check compliance

  • Daily notifications and reminders

Boarding Schools

  • Pass or fail screen to check on students’ phones

  • Option of parent oversight of student's response

  • Custom tags to effectively quarantine students

School Districts

  • Easily set up multiple schools

  • Complex administrative privileges

  • Seamless large-scale data upload

  • Granular response filtering

Screening tailored to your needs

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers will help you get set up in less than a week

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Easily verify responses upon arrival

  • Dynamic and customisable instructions based on user's answers

  • Communicate your COVID-19 protocol

  • Easily check responses at the door with Green/Red pass

Users take 1 minute to answer form

  • Parents can quickly answer for their children

  • Staff members & boarders self-report 

  • Mobile app available on Android, iOS and web browsers for users without smart-phones

School nurses define screening questions​

  • Simple and customizable

  • Obtain the information you need to know from your community

  • Schedule automatic alerts to parents every morning

Keep your school community healthy

How it works

Keep student and staff health data secure

Provide peace-of-mind to parents and staff

Simplify daily screening and save time

Avoid long lines at the school entrance

Every school is different and state health guidelines change all the time. MyMedBot adapts to your needs and helps you ensure a safe school reopening, hassle free.

Understand your school's health status​

  • Results displayed in easy-to-read graphs and tables accessible on a PC or tablet

  • Know who is safe, who is at risk, and who has not provided responses

  • Filter results by grade, class or cohort


US: +1 (929) 419-3112​

EU: +352 621 583 784

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