Using the MyMedBot App

This page explains how to use the MyMedBot mobile app. If you are experiencing any issues getting registered or using the app, please get in touch with your school’s administrators for more information.

Getting Started


You will receive a registration email from your organization, which includes an invitation code and links to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Click on the link that works for your phone to download the app for free. 


  1. Open the MyMedBot app
  2. Enter the e-mail address with which you received your invitation code and press Next
  3. Enter your invitation code and press Next
  4. Enter your full name and press Next

Choosing your password

  1. Type in the password that you want to use. It must be at least 8 characters long.
  2. Confirm the password and press Next.
  3. Accept the MyMedBot Terms of Service by selecting I agree each time you are prompted.
  4. Press Next.
  5. You can now log into the MyMedBot app and answer the forms sent to you by your organization

Answering Forms

Choosing your password

Changing Your Name:
You can change your name by tapping on your name in the Account tab. To change your email address, you will have to contact your organization.

Changing your password:
In order to change your password, press on the Update Password button in the “Account” page. Set your new password. You can now log in using this password.

Logging Out:
In order to log out, press the Log out button in the Account tab. This will take you back to the login screen.

Having Trouble?

Make sure to check your Spam and Promotions mailboxes and to allow emails from If you still cannot find your invitation email, contact your school’s administrators.

Make sure that you are using the same email address as the one that you received this code with, and that you are using the most recent invitation code you were sent.
If you reset your password, you should receive an e-mail from containing a new code. Make sure to use this new code, as well as the same email address that this code was sent to when you reset your password. If this still doesn’t work, contact your school’s administrators.
You should provide the same email address for all of the students that you are reporting for, in order to be able to access all of their forms from within the same account. If you do not see the forms of all of the children that you are reporting for in your app, contact your school’s administrators – they should be able to resolve this for you.

Check if you have Internet. If your phone is connected to the internet and you still cannot load the forms, please contact your school.

Contact your school in order to add more family members to report for from your account. Please also notify your school if a student that you should not be reporting for is accidentally added to your app.

Make sure that your phone has push notifications enabled by going to your phone’s settings and clicking on the Notifications button.

Your school can change the email address that you are registered with. Get in touch with them to do so.

There is no way to edit responses once you have submitted them. Contact your school and let them know so that they may advise further.
Another parent/guardian may have already reported for your child.
This is because you can only see the latest form sent by your school.
Click on the “Forgot Password” button on the login screen and provide your email. Instructions on resetting your password will be sent to you.

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