Why was MyMedBot's COVID-19 screening tool created?

Back in March 2020 when COVID-19 cases begun to appear in Luxembourg, we realised that reopening schools would become a challenge for schools globally. We decided to create a secure, intuitive & easy to set up software that would help school communities get back up and running. The product enables school nurses to easily screen for COVID-19 symptoms, communicate their latest protocol and have the data to make informed decisions.

Who is the COVID-19 screening solution for?

MyMedBot's COVID-19 screening solution is tailored to the needs of schools that want to implement a digital screening protocol. The screening tool can also be applied to college or workplace environments.

What customer support is available?

We offer phone & email support to clients in EU, US & Canadian business hours (6am - 6pm Eastern Time). Customers also have access to support materials both for administrators and for parents.

Privacy and Security

How is data privacy handled?

We treat data privacy seriously and comply with the FERPA in the US and GDPR in Europe. Your data is stored securely on AWS servers and not shared with third parties for commercial purposes. You can find more information in our dedicated security and privacy section.

Is data encrypted?

Yes. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Where are the servers located?

Our servers are located in the United States.

How can we delete user or school data?

To permanently delete user or school data please contact us. Note that once deleted it will not be possible to recover this data.

Getting Set Up

How do parents get set up on the app?

Parents are sent an email with a link to download the app and an invitation code; their children will automatically be listed on the app.

What happens for parents with multiple children?

Our system automatically assigns children to parents - parents with multiple children have them all listed in their app and are able to answer forms for all of them from the same place.

Can we separate students and staff users?

You can categorise all of your users from the MyMedBot dashboard, and send out different forms to different groups within your school's community.

What happens if students leave / join?

Students can be added or removed from the online dashboard any time. This can be done either in bulk with our efficient CSV upload tool or individually.

What technical infrastructure is required?

Only internet is needed (via WiFi or mobile data). School administrators can log in to the dashboard through any standard web browser. Parents can access the app via the Google Play store and App Store. Parents require a smart-phone (iOS or Android) to use the app. A web version of the app is also available for those without access to a smartphone.

How long does the set up take?

Your school's MyMedBot dashboard can be set up within the day, but we recommend giving your community a week in order to sign up to and familiarize themselves with the app.


Some of my parents don't have smartphones, is this a problem?

MyMedBot users without access to a smartphone can easily answer forms through the web version of our app.

Does the online dashboard work on mobile or tablet?

Yes - it is accessable from a web browser on any device. We would recommend viewing it on desktop or tablet.

Does the mobile app work on iPads / tablets or on desktop?

The app works on phones and tablets, but not on desktop computers.

What operating systems is the app compatible with?

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, which covers almost all smartphones.

How do app updates work? Are they automatic?

Some updates will occur automatically. Other updates will require users to update the app within their app store. If users have automatic updates switched on these updates will also happen automatically.


How can nurses and health teams efficiently see screening information in the morning?

Nurses and school health teams can create custom reports by filtering through their data. For instance, by applying specific filters, they are able to see all students within a particular grade who have reported a specific symptom.

How can nurses and health teams ensure compliance?

School nurses and health teams are able to see all of the students who have not answered their forms, as well as those who have been flagged. Once they see this, they can directly get in touch with these individuals and follow up with them accordingly.

Can you see who hasn't responded?

Nurses can see a response rate and can also see a list of those who haven't responded on a given day.

Can a school have more than one MyMedBot administrator?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of MyMedBot administrators for your school. If you have more than one school nurse or health team member you can easily add all of them.

Can different forms be sent out to different student groups?

Yes. You can categorise users from within the MyMedBot dashboard, and send out different forms to different groups within your school's community. Forms in different languages can also be sent to individuals whose first language is not English.

How are parents and staff members notified of forms to answer?

Via a push notification that shows up on their phone. When they press on the notification, they are immediately taken to the form.


US: +1 (929) 419-3112​

EU: +352 621 583 784

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