Our purpose

MyMedBot’s communication platform enables rapid, informed and hyper-local emergency response. Outdated, 20th century emergency protocols put people at risk - we believe that smartphone prevalence in combination with the Internet of Things can fundamentally change emergency services and save lives. 


Our team, has first-hand experience of living with chronic diseases and understands the peace-of-mind that MyMedBot brings to students, parents, employees and medical responders. Our mission is to create smart-safe campuses - whether you represent a school, university or corporation, get in touch and together we will identify how to best address your needs.

The Team

Jacob Arnould


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Lives with Type I Diabetes - founded MyMedBot out of a personal need. Leads product development, technology & implementation.

Greg Janota


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Leads commercial and financial strategy. Former Investment Banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Graduate of the University of St Andrews and London Business School.

Madeleine Arnould

UI & UX Designer

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Designed the MyMedBot app together with 200 beta testers to provide the best user experience for students and nurses. Graduate of the NYC School of Visual Arts.

Our supporters

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