An alert application for schools, connecting students and staff to nurses and counselorsthrough chat and indoor geolocation.

Need help?

Ask for it.

If you're in an establishment with MyMedBot security, you can see responders (e.g nurses and counselors) who are nearby and able to help. When asking for help, you can indicate the level of severity (Unwell or Emergency). 


Fast effective help

If a student or staff member urgently needs to contact a nurse, they can trigger an alert through MyMedBot. The nurses receive all the necessary information to coordinate a response including the student or staff members geolocation, down to the classroom. MyMedBot is particularly useful for people that live with chronic health conditions such as type 1 diabetes, asthma, severe allergies or depression. MyMedBot provides peace of mind to parents, empowers young people to ask for help and provides schools with the means to create smart and safe learning environments.

Beta Testing

MyMedBot is Beta Testing at the International School of Luxembourg!


If you’re an ISL student or staff member, go ahead and download the Beta version of the app!

Who can download MyMedBot?

ISL high school students & staff

Discreetly and effectively communicate with

school nurses when you need help!

ISL nurses

Coordinate with other nurses

when people need help!

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MyMedBot September A4 Poster-03.png

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