MyMedBot connects your students to school nurses who receive all critical information when help is needed.

Create a Smart-Safe School with MyMedBot

Empower your Community
  • Encourage students to ask for help, before a situation escalates to emergency

  • Enable teachers to flag concerns to nurses discreetly, without having to leave the classroom

  • Provide flexibility to nurses, who can be reachable when not in the office

Respond to


  • With MyMedBot nurses know instantly if there is a medical emergency on campus

  • Nurses receive all critical information including student's indoor location and medical conditions

  • Avoid miscommunication in an emergency with all nurses and the student kept in the loop 

Prevent Future


  • Know where and when accidents happen on campus

  • Take steps to improve safety such as increasing supervision and reorganizing your space

  • Measure the effectiveness of your emergency protocols and address gaps

A communication protocol for

allergic reactions

Student triggers an alert 

Depending on the severity of the incident students can trigger "Unwell" or "Emergency" alerts, informing the available nurses on campus. With MyMedBot students have the peace-of-mind that they will also receive help.

Nurses receive all critical information

Nurses know the severity of the incident, student's medical conditions and where they are in the building. A nurse can assign herself to help, coordinate with colleagues and reassure students through a group chat.

Help down to the classroom with 

indoor positioning

Nurses can easily find the student in need without wasting precious time on figuring out where to go. Students are comforted seeing the nurse is on their way. This is only possible with indoor positioning, as GPS accuracy indoors is limited to 30 meters and does not distinguish between floors.

Your School...

Without MyMedBot

With MyMedBot

  • Tailor solution to your school's specific needs

  • Survey campus to deploy indoor positioning

  • Deploy indoor positioning

  • Conduct full-scale testing​​

  • Securely onboard students, staff & nurses

  • Customize user privileges​

  • View indoor positioning infrastructure​​

  • Analyze alert history including responders involved & alert locations

Administration Portal
Customer Support
  • Support in onboarding users

  • Maintenance of indoor positioning system

  • Ongoing on call & email expert support

  • Full GDPR compliance

  • Easily delete student and responder data​​

  • Secure data handling in Europe on AWS servers



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